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Family Testimonial

"Gracie and I are truly blessed to be involved with Community Support Services.  You truly are a community and you work hard to make all who walk through your doors feel part of that community as well.

Thanksgiving Celebration at the office this week was wonderful and I think Gracie enjoyed it equally as well.  Gracie always feels very much a part of the CSSI 'family'.  I appreciate all that you and everyone at CSSI do for Gracie.  I just can't imagine what life would be like for her outside of this organization.  My heart swells when I think of how truly blessed we are to be part of it.  You ALL are amazingly caring and kind to the individuals AND families you service.  

Thank you always and forever."

Patti Hueni (Sister) and Gracie Haymaker (Person Receiving Services)


photo of consumer and a member of her family
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