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Community Support Services, Inc. is a well-established family-oriented organization that measures its success by the satisfaction and progress of the people it supports.

 We truly want each person to grow, learn, experience and enjoy life.

Screening Process at  CSSI
A time to understand one of your choices...

It is the belief of Community Support Services, Inc. that it is imperative for you to be comfortable with the agency you choose for your services. The agency will be the foundation of your support services. Our screening process at Community Support Services, Inc. is designed to provide you with a solid understanding of our agency and our systems. The screening will take place with our Advocacy Director.  We encourage the person who will be receiving the support and the key family members to attend the screening.


The first half of the screening will consist of a review of the history of our agency and a description of how our agency operates. This is designed as a time for you to get to know our agency.  Areas such as understanding your choices, our processes if you choose our services, types of services to choose from, our commitment to quality direct care support, our matching process, our quality assurance and customer satisfaction process, our commitment to you, and our Essential Lifestyle Plan will be covered.  You will receive a packet of information that you can take with you for future reference.  


The second half of the screening will consist of a gathering of information about the person who will be receiving the support. This is our agency's time to get to know you and the types of support you are interested in receiving. We have specific questions to ask you and your family. Your answers will help all of us determine if your needs and our supports are a good match.  Following this screening, we encourage you to consider everything you have learned about our agency, conduct any research necessary about our agency and contact us to ask any further questions you may have. The third step in the placement process is selecting your agency.


If you are interested in being contacted for internal screening, please contact Teresa Ceccato at (720) 870-3712

     or email her at


Placement Process at  CSSI
will be a smooth and enjoyable process...


The initial and most important step prior to your services beginning with Community Support Services, Inc. is to come together with you and the most important people in your life to conduct an Essential Lifestyles Plan.  This is an enjoyable time together, and truly gives our agency a sense of who you are, what you want your life to look like and how we can support you with that, and how we can ensure smooth and successful services are received by you.  This process is the core of our agency and ensures that YOUR VOICE DRIVES OUR SERVICES.  All supports are derived from this process.


Once you choose the service type you would like, our agency will begin the matching process. This process is another important step prior to your start date with Community Support Services, Inc.  Our agency is committed to bringing aboard quality direct care support for you, for any of your chosen services.  It is very important us that you are matched with a Mentoring Coordinator or Host Home Provider or Family Caregiver of your choice. You (and your family, if you wish) will conduct an interview with potential Mentoring Coordinator or Host Home Providers (depending on the type of program you choose). You will select who you think will support you best. In the case of your selection of a Mentoring Coordinator, we believe that you having control to select who you would like to provide your support services will ultimately provide a successful learning and support environment. In addition, it is important for you to know that if you are ever not satisfied with the support that your Mentoring Coordinator provides, you have the right to a new Mentoring Coordinator.


In the case of Host Home Providers, after selecting who you think will support you best, you will have an opportunity to have numerous visits with the selected Host Home Provider. This will begin with a visit of a few hours and will continue into weekend and/or overnight visits. Visits will continue until you and the potential Host Home Provider feel the match is a positive one. Our goal for the matching process in the Host Home Program is longevity of the Host Home placement. We pride ourselves in very successful and long term placements. It is important for you to know that if at any time you are not satisfied with your Host Home placement, a new placement process will begin.


Our agency's Advocacy Department will work closely with you to ensure all placement details are completed prior to the final placement. 

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