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Residential Apartment Program

We truly believe that our commitment and processes continue to guide us in what we consider a never-ending process to improve the quality of life for the people we support.

The Residential Apartment Program is a program designed to provide support for people who have the ability and desire to live in their own home setting with support, but do not need live-in support. This program provides Mentoring Coordinators who offer one-on-one support for a specific number of hours per week.  The hours and schedule are based on needs and support level.  The services are personalized and designed to support the person in reaching their desired personal outcomes as well as meeting their various needs.  Some individuals choose to live by themselves and others choose to live with housemates.  


In the Residential Apartment Program, our agency has the responsibility for all aspects of the person's day-to-day needs which includes medical, health, behavioral, safety, programmatic, financial, nutritional, and home environment needs.  These needs are met through our Mentoring Coordinators and our Management and Administrative Personnel.  Each person in the Residential Apartment Program has 24-hour access to our support services in addition to their personally designed support services.


Our agency prides itself in its excellent matching process between the person and his/her support personnel. The process includes an interview of the support personnel conducted by the person seeking the support, and emphasizes our belief in dignity, equity and respect of the people we support.   


We consider our Residential Apartment Program to be fluid and flexible and we are more than willing to think outside the box when working with the people we support and their families to create the best living situation possible. 

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