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Consumers and Family Members


Our November 2023 event will be ART NIGHT!

Thursday, November 30, 2023

4:30 - 6:30 p.m.

Please open our flyer HERE for all of the important details.

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October & November 2023 Longevity Celebration



Becky Bartels - Financial Director

Henry Gardiner - Family Mentoring Coordinator 

Albert Palar/ Ellen Pioh - Host Home Provider

Eden Abera - Mentoring Coordinator

Debby Tutupoly - Host Home Provider

Yvonne Hernandez- HR Manager

Nancy  Medina- Family Caregiver

Lieska Damayanti & Moody Rantung- Host Home Providers


Julia  Neath-West - Mentoring Coordinator

Femi/Gloria Abioye - Host Home Provider

Lubna Yazdanie - Host Home Provider



Golden leaves fashion floral minimal concept. Stylish natural background for design and de



CSSI News Corner

CSSI would like to welcome the following Internal Office Staff, Mentoring Coordinators, Family Care Givers and Host Home Providers to our Agency!

Didjie Aristilde, Mentoring Coordinator, September 18, 2023




CSSI enjoys celebrating birthdays together with our personnel.

Come be CELEBRATED with special surprises for your special day! 


Look who we celebrated with for October and November birthdays at our CSSI office on October 26, 2023.


October Birthdays

Gloria Abioye, Oct. 6 - Host Home Provider
Adrianne Boyd, Oct. 18 - Quality Assurance Director
Lieska Ddamayanti, Oct. 23 - Host Home Provider
Chester Mambu, Oct. 15 - Respite Host Home Provider
Tunde Oke, Oct. 30 - Respite Host Home Provider
Ida Perry, Oct. 29 - Administrative Assistant
Wendy Rosanova, Oct. 22 - Family Caregiver
Victor Sakul, Oct. 21- Respite Host Home Provider
Bimpe Sogunle, Oc.t 21-Respite Host Home Provider
Cindy Wood, Oct. 31-Web Designer
Tine Wullur, Oct 31.- Respite Host Home Provider
Lubna Yazdanie, Oct 15 - Host Home Provider

November Birthdays

Nicole Barber, Nov. 10 - Mentoring Coordinator
Tawnya Jarman, Nov. 20 - Director of Independent Living Services
Lois Lanier, Nov. 17 - Family Caregiver
Dagmar Nickerson, Nov. 30 - Mentoring Coordinator
Jannet Pessima, Nov 29. - Host Home Provider


Spotlight Stories


Kristen D. had an experience of a LIFETIME!  Her Host Home Providers, Juanita and Lendy took her on an extraordinary adventure to their home country of Indonesia for several weeks.  She was immersed in the Indonesian Culture.  She met new friends, she experienced new foods, she learned about the culture, she saw many parts of the country, she experienced dance and music, she experienced all types of transportation, she learned about the history, and she LOVED EVERY MINUTE OF IT!  Kristen, Juanita and Lendy helped many of us here at CSSI feel like we went on the adventure as well.  They shared a slide show and many Indonesian foods while we watched and heard all about the adventure.  We are ever so grateful for Juanita and Lendy for giving this experience to Kristen! It met the meaning of 'Once in a Lifetime opportunity!'

Kristen in Indonesia
Kristen in Indonesia


 October 26, 2023 Halloween party

We had a great turn out and the perfect weather for our annual CSSI Halloween party!


CSSI Halloween costume contest was "Vote For Your CSSI Peers" theme this year.  We let all the people we support that came to our party Vote for each other. 


Categories were:


Most Creative:  the winner Selena was a homemade mirror.

My Favorite:  the winner Chris was an Angel with white robe, wings, halo and a harp.

The Scariest:  the winner Ryan was a mysterious "Kyeday Predator" with a helmet that he personally synchronized CSSI names to digitally read across the top of the helmet including Jayne , Teresa, Nicole, and the letters "CSSI" to cover everyone's name. 

The Funniest:  the winner Beth was Super Mario with a great mustache.



First, we started the evening with a Halloween photo booth, and each person then took their polaroid picture to a conference room to place the picture in a frame and decorate their keepsake picture.  Then everyone gathered into another conference room to decorate their very own pumpkin with stickers.  We laughed, danced a little and enjoyed treat bags filled with yummy snacks while fun Halloween/dance music played in the background. Then last but not least , everyone's favorite part of the evening was to vote for each other's costume.  Each winner received a $25 gift card to Walmart. 

August 2023

The Annual Mountain Retreat was a favorite for many!  About thirty people came together and headed off to the Woodland Park area to Quaker Ridge Camp on August 22nd, 2023.  Our days and nights were filled with fun, laughter, hiking, archery, team building course, evening campfires, playing pool, games, a mountain slide and more!!! Everyone had fun together, helped one another, developed friendships, and just enjoyed being together in our beautiful Colorado mountains in this lovely setting!  
What a joy to return to this fun annual event!  We
can hardly wait for next year!!!


May 12, 2023 was a special night for so many CSSI friends and family! We all met at the Summit Center and danced the night away to our wonderful Klassy K the DJ. The music was loved by all. Everyone loved getting their picture taken with the ‘Under the Sea’ theme and will have magnet pictures coming their way in the mail! Dancing, mingling, socializing and a whole bunch of FUN defined the evening!!!

Yoga Event, April 2023

This April, CSSI organized an event that we have never had before! Everyone brought an open mind to the clubhouse when they walked in to see yoga mats scattered across the room. Everyone picked their yoga mat along with a vibrant sweat towel. Hot tea and snacks were prepared for everyone to bring a calm and centered mind. Hosted by Guided by Humanity, they brought us a Yoga/Mindfulness Workshop! It was a beautiful experience for everyone involved. From the soothing sounds and instruments to the flow of the stretches. Everyone jumped up to make shooting stars and after shaking it out! There were over 35 participants, including our CSSI staff that helped make it happen.


Our March event saw everyone back at the Clubhouse for an exciting evening of Bingo! We had a full house turnout, and lots of winners. Our team set up all the best Bingo patterns to keep everyone on their toes. All the winners got to choose their prizes from a wide variety of options, from gift cards to lovely home decor to summer fun items. We served plenty of tasty snacks, and the smiles and happy conversations abounded all evening long!



Our monthly event for February at CSSI was Art Night! This was hosted at our new location at the Clubhouse! When everyone arrived, they picked up their own stencils of their own choice. We had a vast selection of different inspiring quotes, herbs, and football! Everyone settled into their seats at the communal tables. We served everyone some sandwiches, fruit, granola, and water that we all enjoyed in between our art projects.  Everyone created their own unique tote bags! Some decorated it with their favorite football teams while others did quotes to inspire us all!


After creating their own incredible bags, they decorated their own window Mandala! The team had different markers to choose from, such as Sharpies, Paint Pens, and art markers. We had a wonderful turnout of over 40 participants!  Everyone had a great time!

The Holiday Party this year brought huge smiles, lots of interaction, friends enjoying friends, wonderful music (by Klassy K the DJ), and NON-STOP dancing!  Santa joined the party and had personalized gifts for EVERYONE and was the absolute best Santa anyone could ask for!  All who wanted had a picture with Santa on the new Polaroid camera and framed and decorated the picture to their liking!  The Door Prize Raffle was a blast, with amazing gifts for the winners!  The Ugly Sweater Contest gave everyone the opportunity to parade around the office showing off those sweaters!  What FUN!  The prizes for best ugly sweater were outstanding!  We even had a group of ELVES doing what elves do to help make the party a blast!  What a party, what a night!  You won't ever want to miss this one!  Many said they never saw so many SMILES!




The CSSI monthly event for November was a very festive Holiday Card making party. There was a huge turn out and lots of great conversations and laughs while everyone created festive holiday cards for their friends and loved ones. It was wonderful to see everyone's smiling faces together, enjoying the holiday cheer and talking about the excitement and fun to come this holiday season. Snacks were served to keep the party going and everyone took their cards home to send to their family members and friends. We are all looking forward to our next fun event, the Holiday Celebration!!

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