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We have made the decision to cancel

our monthly event for March, due to COVID-19.

We want to do everything we can to help protect

the people we serve, their family members, and our staff.

Like to plan ahead?




Celebrating Anniversaries and Longevity with our CSSI Family!

We are proud to announce many years spent together fulfilling the mission of CSSI....

March Anniversaries...

Jayne Tschirhart-Short - 30 years

Gerry Short - 30 years

Dee Perry-Hill - 21 years

Cindy Wood - 5 years

February Anniversaries...

Kelly Everett-Mielens - 5 years

Summer Havgel-Agib - 1 year




Congratulations to...

Julia Neath-West- promoted to Quality Assurance Manager

Summer Hagel-Agib- promoted to Advocacy Manager

CSSI would like to welcome the following Internal Office Staff, Mentoring Coordinators, Family Care Givers and Host Home Providers to our Agency!

(none at this time)

CSSI’s famous Halloween Party was a major success this year! The office was decorated with lights, pumpkins, skeletons, and fog! And was filled nearly to the brim with the people we support, providers, staff, family, and friends! There were many fun costumes-- some scary, some funny, some pretty, and all were fun and creative. Everyone enjoyed dancing to the music and socializing, along with having some fun Halloween treats! There were also fun Halloween trivia questions with prizes that everyone enjoyed. The best part of the night was the “Parade of Costumes” around the office for everyone to showcase their awesome costumes to the judges in the costume contest.  There were five categories for the contest: Most Original, Best Couple, Best Character, Scariest, and Most Creative. Check out our photos and video to see the amazing costumes. This Halloween party was one for the books!




Our July Monthly Event was a Pool Party held at Hearthstone Apartments.   The pool party was a big splash!!  There was lots of fun playing in  the pool with the water pistols, beach balls and floating with the noodles.  The weather held out and it did not rain!!  YAY... The water was perfect.   Great food, conversation and fun was had by all that attended...We'll see you next year for the BIG SPLASH!




Our monthly activity was the Tailgate Party, here at the CSSI office parking lot.  Light sprinkles had come and gone but that did not stop all the fun.  The day was filled with dancing, good food, and of course lots of socializing and catching up with good friends.  Nicki had the perfect speakers to show off our dance moves. 


A good mingle of old and new friends were able to meet and become instant friends.  Unfortunately, the rain did end the festivities a few minutes early, but that didn't stop all the wonderful memories that were already made.  Thank you to everyone who attended, it was a blast!


Tailgate Party videos

May 2019 Hike

Our monthly activity was a hike at James A. Bible Park. There were clouds in sight, but this didn’t stop anyone from enjoying the trails, the creek, climbing the rocks and pointing out the wildlife. Everyone took turns trying out the various exercise equipment at the workout stations. After we finished our hike, we all gathered at the picnic tables to share conversation and eat our snacks. We were fortunate enough that the rain held out until the very end as we were leaving and saying our goodbyes.


Field Day Event

April 2019

This month's monthly activity was FIELD DAY!

We all gathered together at Mission Viejo Park to enjoy the park, play games, and enjoy the sunshine!

The day was beautiful filled with laughter, relaxation, conversations, snacks, and fun games. Those who competed in the games

were given points and at the end of the event, the people who earned the three top scores were awarded prizes and gift cards.

In addition, we had a tug-of-war fight and had fun watching people maneuver through the obstacle course.  Thanks to all who attended!



Karaoke Night

March 2019

Community Support Services, Inc. held our 4th year monthly event of Karaoke Night on March 28, 2019.  People enjoyed singing into the mic along with answering trivia questions related to “Name that Song” to “Name that Musical Artist” and “Name the Motion picture”.  We had single artists, duos, and a group of musicians singing.  There were a variety of songs, including country western music, trending music and soft rock music. We had one person ask if we could do Karaoke every month!!!!!

It was a fun-filled night!!


Sierra Leone Cultural Night

On November 8th, 2018, our Community Support Services office filled to the brim with many people who came to learn about Sierra Leone!  Sierra Leone was presented by some of our CSSI Family Members, Abdul and Jannet Pessima, Betty Pessima, and Rachel Rogers.  They were joined by many of their own family members, who then carried out a beautiful presentation and representation of their country.  We all felt as if we left the United States and traveled to Africa, specifically Sierra Leone! 


We learned about the land and the people; we learned about the civil war from a personal perspective; we learned about the needs of today that are on the forefront of the minds and in the day-to-day actions of our CSSI Family Members; we learned about a powerful tradition of engagement; we experienced the wonderful music of Sierra Leone and as a grand finale, we each tasted an abundance of the many traditional and exceptionally delicious dishes of this beautiful country. 


What a gift this evening was!  We deeply appreciate that we were treated with such a commendable presentation by our beautiful Community Support Services, Inc. FAMILY from Sierra Leone!