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Supporting and Teaching


with intellectual and developmental disabilities

since 1990

Serving metro Denver

and surrounding areas

Contact us at (720) 870-3712

Community Support Services, Inc. is a well-established family-oriented organization that measures its success by the satisfaction and progress of the people it supports.
 We truly want each person to grow, learn, experience and enjoy life.

Our Mission


Providing opportunity and support for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities to grow, learn, experience and enjoy life while reaching toward and meeting their personal outcomes both now and for their future.

Our Philosophy

It is the belief of Community Support Services, Inc. that all people have the right for, and are given the opportunity for community life as it relates to integration, participation, and presence.  Given personalized support services which ensure respect, dignity and equity, then all people have a limitless potential to become what is within them to become.  Combining the person’s desired outcomes with our support services, the opportunities for growing, learning, experiencing and enjoying life are never-ending.


Community Support Services, Inc. is committed to providing Quality Services.  We base our philosophy on supporting people to reach desired personal outcomes in their life and for their future.  Our emphasis is on listening and observing each and every day to hear what will make each person's life a Quality Life and then providing the necessary supports to help make that happen. 

Our Services

Our agency offers the following program options:

Residential Apartment Program

The Residential Apartment Program is a program designed to provide direct care services and support for individuals who have the ability and desire to live in their

own home setting with support.

Host Home Program

The Host Home Program is a program designed to provide a stable home environment for individuals in need of a more intensive level of services and supports.

Family Caregiver Option

The Family Caregiver Option is designed for people who wish to live in their own family home or in the home of another family member.  There are three different options of receiving support, which can be designed according to interests.

Supported Living Services program

Supported Living Services

The Supported Living Services Program is a program in which our agency is responsible to provide a specific amount of hours per week for a specific type of support.

Day Services

Day Services contains two programs: 

Community Connections and Supported Employment.

private services

Private Services

Our Private Services Program is designed for families and/or individuals who wish to contract directly with our agency.


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14292 E Evans Ave

Aurora, CO 80014

Phone: 720-870-3712

Fax: 720-870-3743

TTY: 720-870-3746

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