Host Home Program

The Host Home Program allows for a warm and caring family environment, consistency, and personalized services and support.


The Host Home Program is a program designed to provide a warm, stable, caring, family environment for people in need of a more intensive level of support.  People in this program generally receive twenty-four hour support unless designated alone time has been approved by the person and their interdisciplinary team.  Our agency enters into a contractual relationship with Host Home Providers, who in turn provide a warm family environment, a safe and suitable home, the required and desired level of support, and the services and support the person desires and needs to reach their personal outcomes in life.  In this program, our agency contracts with the Host Home Provider to provide all aspects of the person's day-to-day needs, which include adhering to the person's Essential Lifestyles Plan and all medical, health, behavioral, safety, programmatic, financial, nutritional, and home/environmental needs.


In addition to the Host Home Provider providing the-day to-day support, our Management and Administrative Personnel provide initial and ongoing training, oversight and monitoring of the Host Home Program, ensuring the individual’s/family's/team's satisfaction with services and the assurance that all needs are being met. Our agency prides itself in its intense two-fold interview process, multi-faceted screening and background examination, and comprehensive orientation and training process for the Host Home Providers it chooses to bring aboard.   

Emphasis is placed on our visitation and matching process.  It is vital to our organization that this is a choice-driven setting!  We want the person who will be living in the home to have had choices of settings and to express their sincere desire and comfort level with their specific host Home setting of choice.  Our visitation and matching process drive our constant goal of the continuation of successful and satisfying Host Home Program matches for as long as the person desires.

Friendships abound in our host home program!