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Family Care Giver Option

A beautiful option for people who want to continue to live with family.

The Family Care Giver Option is designed for people who wish to live in their own family home or in the home of another family member.  In this program, there are three different options of receiving support.  The family member may choose to apply with our agency to provide all of the support; the family member may choose to apply with our agency to provide some of the support and the person/family may interview Mentoring Coordinators to provide the other portion of the support; or the person/family may interview Mentoring Coordinators  to provide all of the support.  When family members choose to provide the support, our agency enters into a contractual arrangement with the family for delivery of the support services.


In the Family Care Giver Option, management personnel conduct the interview process, multi-faceted screening process, and comprehensive orientation and training for the hired family members and/or non-related employees (Mentoring Coordinators) who have been chosen to provide the support services.  


In addition, our agency provides oversight and monitoring of the family care giver supports in the family home, ensuring the person's satisfaction with their support services and the assurance that all of their needs are being met. Our agency prides itself in assuring that all living and support arrangements best meet the desires and needs of the person receiving support.

If you are interested in learning more about the Family Care Giver option for you and/or your family member, please contact

Teresa Ceccato at

or at 720-218-6612.

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